what’s great about iOS 11

Posted On 06th October,2017

By Ria White
what’s great about iOS 11

Many of us simply do the update because our phones keep nagging us – then we trip over the new features almost accidently. We have played with the iOS 11 update and these are our favoiurite features.

Off load unused Apps

Free up your precious storage by removing the apps you never use. In settings you will now see an option to offload unused apps – enabling this will automatically remove them.

Settings\General\iPhone Storage

Control centre can be customised

Finally you have control over what you see in the control centre (the menu you get with a swipe from the bottom of your screen). This new feature allows you customise the view to quickly access the tools you use the most. If you have an iPhon6S or later – you an also use 3D touch in control centre to unlock even more commands.

Settings\Control Centre\Customize

Smarter Do Not Disturb

This is very clever, it can now detect when you’re driving and inform anyone trying to contact you. Especially useful with the high focus on use of mobile phones whilst driving – this feature could save you £200 and 6 points.

Settings\Do Not Disturb

Quick type

The Keyboard has a new setting which makes it easier to type with one hand. It does this by compacting the keyboard and biasing to one side, depending on left hand or right hand use.


Saving the best to last.! – “Automatic set up”

This is great. When you get a new iPhone (or iPad) simply hold your new device near your old device and it will automatically sign in with your Apple ID and move your settings, preferences and content quickly and securely.