Treading lightly

Posted On 15th August,2017

By Ria White
Treading lightly

We realised we could be treading more lightly by adopting a robust re-cycling policy. We already re-cycled all our old cable and equipment, and yes we recently upgraded our fleet of vans to more efficient models – but how could we change the office culture?

The answer was simpler than we thought – our old desk bins became “Recycle Only”, and we introduced mini desk bins for items which can’t be recycled, we purchases some very stylish stainless steel utensil holders from Tesco for under £5 each.

We used to have a weekly collection of our 1100L General waste bin & 600L Dry mixed recycling – we simply swapped these bins to encourage re-cycling.

In a few short weeks our stats went from 76% General / 24% Re-cycling – to 46% General / 54% Recycling – and we’re still working on more improvements.

We have also converted most of our files to electronic and implemented a “only print if necessary” policy to reduce paper usage. Whilst this was intended as a environmental policy, it had the added benefits of streamlining processes, reducing costs and maximising office space.

Our conclusion

This was a journey for us, and changing to a nearly paperless office has been a gradual process, but overall the changes cost very little and even saved money in some areas. It was also a great team-building challenge with our “who can save the Earth the most?” competitions.