Telecoms Audit

Are your team struggling with an aging telephone system which is no longer be working at its optimum capacity?
Are you unsure if your connectivity is the best value for your business needs?
Are you sick of lackluster service and never talking to the same person twice?

Provision of cabling, wifi, switches

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, or just want the reassurance that you are getting the best value then we can help, with our free & no obligation audit of your telecoms. We frequently discover savings can be made, usually in the following areas:​

  1. Redundant services which businesses are continuing to pay for but no longer use (e.g. fax lines, out of date extensions).
  2. More cost effective connectivity solutions (e.g. ISDN-SIP).
  3. Expired contracts being renewed on a “rolling” basis and cheaper renewals available (e.g. If your mobiles contract has expired and you don’t need hardware, moving to SIM only is highly cost effective).
  4. Unsuitable tariffs (e.g. if an organisation makes frequent calls outside the UK or to NGNs).
  5. Billing errors (e.g. incorrect rates and discounts not applied).
  6. Teams struggling with an aging system – and upgrading to a more modern solution can be cost neutral and revolutionise your operations.

We are a BT Openreach partner and buy the same products and services at the same price as BT Business – the big difference, we are much cheaper and won’t tie you into a lengthy contract. If you are still using traditional line and call services, it can be cost neutral to upgrade due to the reduction in on-going costs by taking advantage of technological advances in internet based telephone services. ​ We do not employ sales people, only technicians so there will be no hard sell, and we are not shy about walking away if you are already getting best value – so you get a valuable insight into your services and either reassurance that you are on the right rates, or a reduction in your costs, so you have nothing to lose.
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Telephone system

Telephone system
If your organisation has outgrown its telecoms or your team are struggling with an aging unreliable telephone system - we can help. If you're worried about the BT announcement of their intention to switch off the ISDN & PSTN and need some migration advice, we can help. Your system may only need minimal work to getting it working at its optimum capacity again and we can give pragmatic advice on the best time for an upgrade.

Call Costs

Call Costs
Understanding your specific business needs and delivering them in the most cost effective way is paramount to us. We understand that complex, difficult to understand pricing methods mean you maybe paying for services you no longer use. Simply share a recent bill and we will review your usage and produce a detailed analysis of how you could save. If we don't recommend any changes, at least you get reassurance for free.

Future planning

Future planning
Strategically planning your telecoms is not easy without expert advice. We are happy to guide you through the process. We would talk your through your future plans considering; any moves or expansions, the possibility of becoming multi-site, rationalising or becoming remote workers. Then there are the external factors, like the BT ISDN & PSTN switch off. Get in touch with our expert team for your free consultation.

Premier League Stadium Upgrade

"Our supporters are at the core of everything we do and we want them to have a great experience when they contact us. Easy Networks understood our challenges and provided a call centre with an extensive set of tools so we can understand trends which are invaluable for resource planning. Easy Networks certainly live up to their name and we would recommend them as a communications partner."

AFC Bournemouth

Telecoms Upgrade

"EASY Networks came up TRUMPS for our company - Excite Recruitment. They were timely, communicative, professional, charming, helpful and did a great job with the transferring of our phone lines from an old office to a new one. They took the pain out of the trouble we had before with British Telecom. EASY Networks are available on the phone as and when you need them. It's superb to work with people whom care, are polite, courteous and follow through. They get 5 GOLD stars from me."

Excite Recruitment

Portsmouth Ferry Terminal

"I would like to say a big thank you to your team for their work in the last two weeks, I know the condition where dreadful on some days but they still worked through to meet our deadlines. Many thanks again for everyone involved."

Brittany Ferries

Telecoms Upgrade

"We had lost our faith in all telecoms companies. Easy Networks approach was refreshing and they delivered exactly as they had promised. They have displayed reassuring expertise and an outstanding level of customer care. cloud Voice works beautifully across our two sites and is a great cost effective solution."

LST Projects

Office Relocation

"We trusted Easy Networks to look after all our network and telecoms when we relocated premises. They did a fantastic job and worked with us right through the transition and telecoms upgrade. Their commitment and support have been outstanding and we would recommend them."


campus extension - bay house school

"I would like to pass on my appreciation for your service from initial quote to arranging labour and the general assistance of your operatives in completing their work. Easy Networks hasleft a very good lasting impression on me with this project and I will be passing this on to other PMs and engineers in my office."

Lorne Stewart PLC