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BT Openreach ISDN without the long commitment

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Great pricing without lengthy contracts

Get your BT telephones lines transferred to us without commiting to lengthy contracts and supported by our direct UK Helpdesk. Our customers stay with us because they want to - not because of binding contracts. Click to find out why we call ourselves "the good guys"

Compare our headline tariffs with BT Business (prices exclude vat)

Standard Tariff

Corporate Tariff

BT Business

Minimum Monthly Spend




Minimum term

3 months

3 months

1 to 5 years

Charge for Non Direct Debit


Analogue Line Rental




ISDN Channel Rental




Calls to 01,02 & 03 numbers

1p per minute

1p per minute

26p per minute

Calls to UK mobiles




Minimum call charge




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Frequently Asked Questions about our range of BT Fixed Lines & Calls?

Surely it's cheaper going direct to BT?

BT Openreach operate the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). BT Local Business or BT Corporate or BT Retail and resellers of BT Openreach products. Easy Networks are also a reseller, like Virgin, Sky etc.

Can I keep my number?

Yes, you keep your existing number there is absolutely no change to any of your service.

Are there any costs to transfer my lines?

There are no charges to transfer your lines to us at all. We want your business and do not feel you should be charged.

Is there any outage if I transfer my lines?

Changing telecoms supplier is just like changing your electricity supplier. BT Openreach continue to provide the service, but we provide your billing and support.

Our direct access UK Helpdesk is waiting to fix any problems with your service quickly. Remember, we are technical experts not salespeople, and you are never no.5 in the queue.

Who supports my telephone lines?

BT Openreach always support your telephone lines. But our Helpdesk will diagnose your fault and escalate to BT Openreach if needed. We will closely monitor the fault until resolved.

I'm told BT are switching off the telephone network - do I need to act now?

There is no need to make a decision with haste. We have a really useful article here which also explains your options. But our best advice is to call one of our experts who will discuss your situation.

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