Stop paying for a handset you already own!

Posted On 20th October,2017

By Ria White
Stop paying for a handset you already own!

It was mentioned on BBC Breakfast this morning that consumers are paying for handsets they’ve already brought – well it’s the same for business.
It’s time to stop over paying for your handsets and take control over your business mobiles costs.
Flexible mobiles gives complete visibility of true costs and absolute control over your hardware.

Traditional Mobiles Contracts explained

The monthly tariff for a traditional contract is made up as follows:

1) Airtime with an allowance for data, texts and calls and,

2) purchase of handsets spread over the length of the contract.

For example. A £40/month tariff would roughly translate to £15 airtime and £25 hardware. If you multiply £25 x24 months, this will provide an approximate allowance of £550, which is sufficient to purchase most choices of handset.

What’s wrong with traditional contracts?

Total lack of flexibility- once you sign, that’s it you’re locked in, even if your business needs change.

If you don’t renew/change at the end of the contract – usually because more urgent business matters have taken priority, you are now getting terrible value by continuingto pay for hardware you’ve already funded during the contract term.

Unclear pricing – do you know the airtime/handset costs split for your contracts?

Trying to align Contract End Dates (CEDs) means businesses often have to either pay a penalty to exit early for some users, or allow the rest of the users to “catch up” also bad value.

Flexible mobiles explained

We separate the airtime & hardware. The airtime is a simple 30 day SIM only contract. The hardware is either purchased outright or leased. Alternatively, some of our customers decide to continue using existing handsets which can represent a significant reduction in your mobile costs.

Benefits of going flexible

Make decisions about handset type, handset replacements and scaling down users – at any time. With a traditional contract, the commercially sensible time to review is close to your CEDs,

No more paying for a handset you own – by separating the airtime, once your handset is funded that’s it. If you choose leasing, payments for the handset would cease.

No more paying for an active SIM which is sitting in a draw – If someone leaves, simply cease the service.

Business grade service with most changes actioned instantly, no more 10 day SLAs!

More options – you can now choose to continue using your existing hardware – which offers great value or purchase good quality refurbished handsets.

Isn’t leasing expensive?

If you don’t wish to purchase your handsets outright, leasing is a great value option. Often the combined airtime/leasing option is comparable, and sometimes even cheaper than a traditional network contract.