If cabling is the veins of your network, the switch is the beating heart. We understand both need to work in harmony and offer a bespoke solution best suited to your environment, operational needs, and your budget.

Power over ethernet

Power over ethernet
If you need more smaller devices such as cameras or telephones which require power and data, we can supply Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches which enable power & data to travel along a single cable. This reduces installation costs as a separate electrician isn't necessary. This also offers flexibility in the location of devices which are not tethered to a power source. PoE offers reliability, scalability and more importantly, safety due to its intelligence which protects the attached devices against overload.


Not sure about your networks resilience and ability to cope at peak times? We are happy to provide a free no obligation consultation. We can intelligently configure your switches to add resilience to your circuit by allowing all switches (primary & secondary) to participate in load sharing under normal conditions. If any area of the network fails, the effected switch will become "redundant" and the remaining switches will continue to operate and process the load, enabling your operation to continue.


Is your LAN starting to creek under ever increasing load? Are you unsure if visitors could see your core data? - we can help and you may not need additional hardware. We can create A VLAN to logically divide a larger network into many smaller ones. This is a cost effective and secure method which can address issues such as security and network traffic management. This can also be used to provide guest internet access without exposing risk of your internal network being accessed.

Premier League Stadium Upgrade

"Our supporters are at the core of everything we do and we want them to have a great experience when they contact us. Easy Networks understood our challenges and provided a call centre with an extensive set of tools so we can understand trends which are invaluable for resource planning. Easy Networks certainly live up to their name and we would recommend them as a communications partner."

AFC Bournemouth

Telecoms Upgrade

"EASY Networks came up TRUMPS for our company - Excite Recruitment. They were timely, communicative, professional, charming, helpful and did a great job with the transferring of our phone lines from an old office to a new one. They took the pain out of the trouble we had before with British Telecom. EASY Networks are available on the phone as and when you need them. It's superb to work with people whom care, are polite, courteous and follow through. They get 5 GOLD stars from me."

Excite Recruitment

Portsmouth Ferry Terminal

"I would like to say a big thank you to your team for their work in the last two weeks, I know the condition where dreadful on some days but they still worked through to meet our deadlines. Many thanks again for everyone involved."

Brittany Ferries

Telecoms Upgrade

"We had lost our faith in all telecoms companies. Easy Networks approach was refreshing and they delivered exactly as they had promised. They have displayed reassuring expertise and an outstanding level of customer care. cloud Voice works beautifully across our two sites and is a great cost effective solution."

LST Projects

Office Relocation

"We trusted Easy Networks to look after all our network and telecoms when we relocated premises. They did a fantastic job and worked with us right through the transition and telecoms upgrade. Their commitment and support have been outstanding and we would recommend them."


campus extension - bay house school

"I would like to pass on my appreciation for your service from initial quote to arranging labour and the general assistance of your operatives in completing their work. Easy Networks hasleft a very good lasting impression on me with this project and I will be passing this on to other PMs and engineers in my office."

Lorne Stewart PLC