iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8

Posted On 14th September,2017

By Ria White
iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8

After the let down of the iPhone 7, Apple have skipped the “S” stage and are releasing the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. Samsung have consistently produced innovative high functioning handsets (putting aside the little “handsets catching fire” blip) and have been battling Apple for market share for some time. Their model for comparison is the Galaxy S8. Here are our thoughts on these three phones.

PRICE The iPhone X starts at £999, the iPhone 8 from £699, the Galaxy S8 from £869. Based purely on price, there is only one winner.

Winner; iPhone 8

LOOKS The least pretty of the three is the iPhone 8. The Samsung and the iPhone X have super sexy sleek looks.

Joint Winners; Galaxy S8 & iPhone X

WIRELESS CHARGING At last Apple have finally introduced wireless charging on both the iPhone 8 & iPhone X – something which has been present in the Samsung Galaxy range since the 5.

Winner; draw

DISPLAY The iPhone X pips the iPhone 8 but on paper the Samsung beats both with a larger, higher resolution display.

Winner; Galaxy S8

SPEED The Samsung’s Snapdragon 835 chip may struggle against the new super powerful Apple All Bionic chip (in both X & 8), but in our opinion there won’t be a huge difference due to the 8GB of RAM in the Samsung. This remains to be seen.

Winner; draw

CAMERA Pretty similar across all three handsets, but when shooting video the Samsung loses out to both iPhone handsets. The Samsung tops out at 30fps whilst the iPhones film in 4k at 60fps.

Joint Winners; iPhone 8 & iPhone X

BIOMETRICS The iPhone 8 continues to sport touch ID fingerprint scanning, but this is replaced with facial recognition on the iPhone X. Not sure if this will work as well as Apple claim, but a very sexy feature if it does work. The Samsung S8 has an array of options for unlocking your phone, including fingerprint, retina and face. The fingerprint scanner is a little awkward, and the facial recognition isn’t great – but the retina scanner works flawlessly.

Winner; Galaxy S8 (maybe revised once the facial recognition on the iPhone X has proved itself)

SNOB VALUE All three handsets are pretty cool, and have loads of apps and can do everything, but for us, the iPhone X makes our inner snobs happiest.

Winner; iPhone X

So which one would we buy – well our hearts go to the iPhone X, our heads the Samsung Galaxy S8 and our wallets the iPhone 8.