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We pride ourselves on devising innovative and clever solutions to drive down costs.

Often in a bid to save money, networks have been fudged and added to by well meaning but ultimately unqualified volunteers. This can result in a low performing and unreliable network. We offer special rates on our rack tidy and other cabled and WiFi networks for charitable organisations.

We offer a full range of telecoms services, including; BT Openreach ISDN services at compelling rates for not for profit causes, on-premise telephones systems, and we can offer special rates on our Cloud Telephone System just for Charity - upgrading often becomes cost neutral when compared to traditional services and is ideal for home based volunteers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an IT company who does our cabling, why would we come to you?

Approaching us direct is often cheaper and we can work alongside your IT support provider.

Our charity operations is in an unusual enviroment, can we upgrade our network?

Our team have many years experience installing networks in diverse enviroments, and can design a bespoke network for you.

Our telephone system is old and still using ISDN, should we upgrade?

ISDN can be expensive when compared to newer IP based technology - but it depends on other variants. We are happy to undertake a no obligation audit and help you decide.

We are using ISDN and our provider is asking us to commit to a long term to get best pricing - should be sign on the dotted line?

No No No! There is absolutely no need to commit yourself long term to ISDN - we can offer great pricing on a simple 30 day agreement.

Can you save us money on our ISDN?

Nearly always! When we take over traditional BT services, we often find them in a bit of a pickle and simply rationalising them reduces costs quickly.

Are cloud telecoms suitable for our charity?

This depends on your operation. We have negotiated a very special rate for Charity for our cloud voice.

Can you help us connect our volunteers who are home based?

Our Cloud Telephone System is ideal for home workers - essentially they are on the same system as the office based team.

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